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Building a pavilion for meetings

This year we decided to build a rustic shelter to use for home cell group meetings. This structure is made from used telephone poles. We picked them up on the side of the road for free. The telephone guys were glad we hauled them off! The building is approximately 32 foot long by 24 feet wide. This structure gives us the ability to host a number of events through the year at our home in order to expand our outreach to more teens and families with a relatively low cost and mostly labor.

This is the finished look before the roof trusses go on.

Here we are finishing up the tops of the A Frame trusses.

Using round steel concrete stakes to set the poles in place we put some temporary straps on for safety.

Once the upright poles were in place we rented an AC lift to place the beams on top.

It was great to have our good friend Taiwo, from Nigeria who has volunteered with us for many years to help put the poles in place.

Here we are with a post hole auger digging out the first holes ! It is a lot easier with 2 people.

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